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TAK Sure Cast - 8 oz

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For the Dental Assistant, there simply isn't time to waste time with do it over again. Calling in a patient for a 2nd impression because the first one had bubbles in critical places is a nightmare. A waste of valuable chair time. If the impression is not right, it is obvious right away. If the model is not right, we won't know for an hour, long after the patient is gone. Now you can be sure the model will not have any bubbles. TAK Sure Cast is a quick and simple spray. It is the most advanced surface tension reducer available in dentistry. It has been specially formulated to offer superior results with the most difficult to wet, water repellent surfaces. Polyvinyl silicones, Poly ethers, waxes, and Alginates. After a quick spray of the impression, watch how smoothly the gypsum flows. Into every nook and cranny, with an intimate surface contact.

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