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TAK Stone Resin - 32 oz.

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Here is a gypsum plaster and stone conditioner/hardener that offers exceptional benefits for full and partial dentures, crown and bridge, implant and orthodontic model fabrication. Stone Resin hardens the gypsum in a unique, more practical way. It’s main focus is on the surface where it greatly improves surface abrasion resistance for sharp, durable margins, chip-free, clean caving, grinding and finishing. It performs well with all gypsums and uniquely does not change the manufacturer listed setting expansion. All gypsums stones and plasters are ready for separation and preparation within 10-12 minutes from pouring. TAK Stone Resin additionally offers greater water tolerance without breaking down. No more chalky surfaces that effect accuracy, dry Stone Resin models may be buffed to a shine with a clean cloth or polished with a rag wheel on a lathe without losing material.

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