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TAK Earth Stone - 18 PK

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Fast, Clean and Simple Bleaching Trays in a single visit, mouth guards, night guards, temporary splints, composite transfers. Here is a stone model in 10 minutes. No bowls to wash, No mess to clean up and No dust in the air. Simply, SHAKE & POUR.

Consider... every dental impression requires a stone model. It's the whole purpose of the impression. Earth Stone is not a new, additional item; it's simply a faster, cleaner, easier way of doing what must be done every day. As an added feature, it produces a better model. Ready in 10 minutes, harder, smoother and dimensionally more accurate than traditional yellow stone.

Cost comparison... realistically, the cost of dental stone for the average dental office is so small it's almost free and Earth Stone hardly changes that. But compare the benefits of Earth Stone from another perspective, chairtime, and suddenly the value of single visits become a reality.

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